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  • examination and treatment

  • preventive conservation and disaster preparedness planning

  • conservation assessments and surveys

  • conditioning and packing for loan and acquisition

  • workshops and education


Our conservators provide conservation and preservation services for private and public collectors of art and historical objects of diverse media. 

Custom workshops and training can be created for your unique needs, hosted by clients and local institutions. We offer regular in-person specialty workshops in Colorado Springs, Colorado, click here for our current offerings.


We work individually or collaboratively, in our studios or on-site at your location, to preserve, repair, and restore objects that range from individual family treasures to large corporate and public collections. 


We also provide comprehensive condition surveys to determine the conservation needs of objects, carry out conservation assessments to analyze condition and preservation factors (policies, procedures, facility, light, climate, pests, storage, and display), and make recommendations for maintenance procedures and improvements that will enhance the longevity and value of collections. 


Additionally, we work with artists looking for information regarding artists’ materials and guidelines for long-term stability of the objects they create, with the insurance industry to assess damage and participate in salvage and response operations, and with museums and galleries to assist with disaster preparedness plans.

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