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 Treatment services on all types of photographs and works on paper, including fine art, silver gelatin prints, photographic negatives, cased photographs, prints, drawings, ephemera, documents, posters and other paper-based artifacts. We will evaluate your piece and provide a range of treatment options that reflect your needs and the needs of the object. Our lab is climate controlled and protected by security and fire detection systems. Contact us today to make an appointment for a free consultation.

Selected examples of condition issues:

  • Tears

  • Stains

  • Mold and water damage

  • Mount removal

  • Rolled or curled photographs

  • Physical damage - scrapes, scuffs, gouges

  • Cracks and creases

  • Planar distortions

  • Tape removal

McGlinchey Sexton Conservation


In addition to normal treatment documentation, Jennifer specializes in the documentation of artwork using ultraviolet (UV) induced visible fluorescence. This type of documentation can provide important insight into the construction and deterioration of artwork. Jennifer also conducts training workshops for the UV Innovations standard - Target-UV.

Types of documentation:

  • Normal light: captures image information, color and condition

  • Raking light: captures distortions in the support and surface texture

  • Specular light: captures surface texture

  • Transmitted light: captures watermarks, signatures on mounted prints, negatives

  • UV-Visible fluorescence: captures information about adhesives, pigments and stains

  • Scanning: captures image information, typically used for negatives



We provide consultation services to institutions and individuals including: photograph and print process identification, on-site surveys, grant support, general preservation assessments, and materials suggestions.

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