About Mountain States Art Conservation

Mountain States Art Conservation association was formed in 2010. Our members have formal, advanced training in the theory and practice of art conservation. We are a collaborative group of independent art conservators within the state of Colorado with over 75 years of combined experience conserving art and historical material.  We are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of skill and knowledge current in our specialization, and provide the best possible care for each individual object and client.  We have aided in the preservation and restoration of some of the finest collections of artistic and historic objects held by more than fifty corporations and institutions in the United States and abroad. For a partial list of our clients, click here.


Our conservators are members of the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Work, and adhere to the A.I.C. Code of Ethics. All of MSAC’s members have trained at graduate-level conservation programs, hold masters degrees in art conservation, and have extensive experience in both institutional and private practice conservation. We strive to use the most up to date and highest quality treatment methods and materials available.

Our conservators specialize in the preservation and restoration of a wide variety of historic and artistic materials, including: paintings, art on paper, photographs, textiles, sculpture, ethnographic objects, furniture, musical instruments, and wooden artifacts. With our extensive range of expertise, we are equipped to provide comprehensive conservation treatment and consultation services for museums, cultural institutions, corporate collections and individual collectors. For more about our services, click here.

The interdisciplinary nature of our partnership allows us to effectively collaborate on the treatment of mixed-media or composite artworks that require expertise in more than one medium. We also provide consultations and treatments for collections that contain a mixture of different historic and artistic materials. We can be a valuable asset for all your art conservation needs, big or small. While MSAC is  located in Colorado, our reach goes well beyond the Western states.   In fact, our members have participated in projects  all over the country, and even abroad.

On this website, you will find contact information, summaries of  training, experience and areas of expertise, treatment examples, and resources on the conservation and preservation of a variety of historic and artistic works. For a full listings of qualified conservators in your area, please consult the website of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC).

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